Shopping Guide

1.Order Information

Before Ordering

Please read carefully before placing any order.

  • ・Please note that there may be slight differences between how items appear on your computer screen and actual items. In particular, colors you see on the screen may not be seen exactly the same as the color of the actual items depending on the features and setting of your PC monitors. Also, since the image of large items are displayed on a small screen, details of items might be unclear or feelings of products might be different from actual items.
  • ・Best before dates refer to the quality and shelf life of an unopened food product. Expiration dates are used for the foods considered to be highly perishable and must be consumed before a certain date for health and safety reasons. Once opened, please consume as soon as possible regardless of the "best before dates".
  • ・In case where such information as an address, telephone number, and email address is not correct, we may not make a delivery. Please make sure all the information you entered are correct.
  • ・Please not that we can not accept your order, if we are unable to contact the you due to an incorrect information (name, address, telephone number, and etc. ).

Order Procedure

You can search items by following steps.

  1. ♦Please click on the left menu "Original Goods" or "selection".
    From the "Original Goods", you can do a search on the product range.
    From the "selection", you can see the producer of the story by region.Also, you can see the product list of producers. You can perform a search on the product range from the "selection".
    If you use the search function, enter the desired keyword in the keyword box at the top of the screen, please click on the search button. Product Search results are displayed. Please proceed to purchase When you find the item you want.
  2. STEP1Shopping Cart: You can see the item in your cart by clicking the shopping cart icon.
  3. STEP2Delivery Address: Click on the "Purchase" button and specify "Delivery address"
  4. STEP3Payment Options ・Delivery Date Appointment :Select payment options and desired delivery date.
    Please select your desired payment method.
    If you select "Convenience store payment" or "Credit card payment", select credit card details which will be displayed on the right of the screen.
    Please fill out and select all the required fields. If you want to specify a date and time, please specify the delivery time first, then choose a delivery date. You can specify a different date and time for each delivery address. Once you completed selection of credit card details, click "Next", then you can proceed to "Confirmation of your order."
  5. STEP4Confirmation of Your Order:Confirm the information you entered (item, delivery address, shipping charge, optional fee, delivery date and time, and grand total etc.), and click "Place your order" to complete the process.After order is completed email to confirm your order will be sent to your email address.

Order Cancellation or Change

Regarding cancellations or changes please contact us by completing our enquiry form.


Delivery Charge

Delivery fee is defined according to the total amount of your order, will include such international Speed mail (EMS) fee or courier fees and insurance premiums. Delivery fee, you pay together with the total amount of your order.

3.Payment Options


4.Terms of Service

This Terms and Conditions Customers living outside of Japan, is applied to the case to our operations, "seven-star gallery" (hereinafter, referred to as "the Site".) Is utilized to, or it is the purchase of goodsIt is a convention. Customers are using this site if you are buying a product from, or this site, because it is deemed to have assented to this convention, pre thoroughly read your shopping guide and conventions in, enough to our understanding Tagami, so thank you for your use of this site.

About Purchase And as described in the "shopping guide"
Such as tariffs and export certification
  • ・Due to laws and regulations of your destination country, import duties, value added tax, customs fees, you might like shipping charges will occur. These import duties, value added tax, customs fees, if such delivery fee occurs, customers (if those who received and those who have your order is separate from receipt person) becomes the actual cost burden of, postal delivery of the addressee You will be charged directly from the office or courier service.
  • ・If the delivery was delayed by the troubles and customs procedures on customs clearance, the Company assumes no responsibility.
  • ・Export certification, such as a certificate of origin and export visas of delivered goods will not be issued.
  • ・And as described in "About the representation of specific trade law"
  • ・Among the customers of the damage caused by this site, we assume no responsibility for damages other than those related to the buying and selling contract.
  • ・You may be allowed to discontinue this service due to unavoidable circumstances. Sales contract of goods that are already established, is done is based on this convention.
  • ・With regard to your use of this site, it is assumed that all Japanese law is applied, when a problem occurs between our company and customers, it is assumed that the exclusive jurisdiction of the Fukuoka District Court in Japan.
  • ・Our company, for your information that registered on the basis of this convention, and used only in order to carry out the provision of sales and the Internet and various information about the product by mail of goods to our customers, we use at all for other purposes not. In addition, from the customer, when there is a request you delete or change of this information, we will respond promptly.
  • ・We appropriate the contents of this convention, you can be allowed to change. Even if part of this agreement is illegal or invalid, this convention is severable, it does not affect any of the other terms of efficacy.

5.Information Required by Act on Specified Commercial Transaction

Seller Kyushu Railway Company
Responsible person Cruise Train Headquarters, Ms. Satoko Ogawa
Address 25-21, Hakataekimae 3 chome,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8566,JAPAN
E-mail Address
URL (English site)
Additional costs Shipping charges include delivery and insurance fees of Express Mail Service (EMS).
How to place an order Only via our website
How to pay Please make your payment through the following payment service.
  1. (1)PayPal
When to pay Following PayPal’s payment process, please complete the payment for your purchase and additional costs required for delivery by the time specified.
  1. (1)Payment via PayPal: After placing an order, you will be directed to PayPal’s URL. Please go to the website, follow their instructions and complete your payment.
Time of delivery Your order will generally be shipped within one week of your order placement.
However, shipment may be subject to delays when the shop is closed during New Year's holidays and the Bon holidays (in mid-August). As for merchandise that is manufactured after an order is placed, you may be requested to wait for several days or months at the longest. Please refer to the detailed information on each product.
We will send you a shipping notice when your order has been shipped.
Returns, exchanges, or cancellations It is a street that has been described in the "Returns, exchanges, or cancellations" below.

6.Returns, exchanges, or cancellations

Returns, exchanges, or cancellations

Conditions including the time limit for returns and exchanges

When you wish to return, exchange, or cancel your order, please inform us via telephone or e-mail within eight days after you receive the product.
We accept returns and exchanges only when the following conditions are met.
  1. (1)You receive an incorrect item.
  2. (2)You receive a defective item.
  3. (3)You receive a damaged item.
When you choose to return a product for a personal reason concerning, for instance, the image or size, you are responsible for the return shipping cost.
We do not accept exchanges based on your personal preferences.

Who pays shipping costs for the return or exchange

We are responsible for the return shipping cost if the products are defective or damaged.
In other cases, you must cover the return shipping cost.


In order to cancel your order, you must inform us before its shipment that you want to cancel your order.
If you cancel your order after payment or based on a personal reason, you must cover the return shipping cost.

Correspondence at the time of defective or damaged

For exchanges, please e-mail or call us within eight days after you receive the product.
We will immediately send a replacement. When you receive the new item, please have the defective or damaged item ready to give to the delivery person.
We are responsible for the replacement and return shipping costs when you return defective or damaged items.

Effective Date October 1, 2015

7.Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.Kyushu Railway Company Privacy Policy
  • Kyushu Railway Company ("Company") will not provide or disclose any personal information of customers, including name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and other information that is obtained through "Seven Stars Gallery"(“Website”), to third parties, except in the case when required to do so by law.
2.Acquisition of personal information
  • (1)The Website operated by the Company may ask customers for personal information in order to provide the customer with services and information to more closely meet their individual needs.
  • (2)When using personal information for purposes other than the above, the Company will send prior notification which clearly states its purpose and content and obtain consent from the customer.
3.Use of personal information
  • ・To ensure the services conducted on the Website, which is operated by the Company to provide its customers with services and information that more closely meet their individual needs, the Company may send information to the customer based on the personal information by obtaining prior consent from the customer.
Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored in a user's web browser. They may be stored data such as web browsing history or entry information as text files in the cookie directory of the user’s computer when the user is transferring data between a web browser and a web server. When the customer visits the same website, the information contained in cookies can be used on particular sites and to prepare customized web pages for the individual customer. If the customer accepts cookies on his/her browser's cookie settings, the website can get cookies stored in the customer’s browser. To protect customer’s privacy, your browser only returns a cookie to the website that sent you the cookie.

  • (1)Cookie settings
    • ・Customers can change the settings within their browser to “accept all cookies,” “reject all cookies,” or “notify the user if a site is requested to send a cookie.” (*settings may differ depending on browsers.) Customers can confirm cookie settings from the “help” function in the menu bar of the browser you are using. Please note that if you choose “reject all cookies,” you may not be able to access all or part of our site and may be unable to use those services that require authorization.
  • (2)What we do With cookies
  • We use cookies for the following purposes:
    • ・When the customer logs in to authorized services
    • ・To prepare tailored services for individual customers by referring to registered information which is stored on our website when the customer logs in to the authorized services.
    • ・To provide customized services for each customer by referring to the customer information stored when the customer logs in to an authorized service.
    • ・To present the most relevant advertisements on the sites of other companies based on the interests of the customer and utilization of services of the Company.
    • ・To track the number of visitors to the Website and examine the traffic
    • ・To improve services of the Company
    • ・For ensuring security, to encourage customers to reenter his/her password (reauthorize) after a certain period of time has passed from initial access.
  • The Company may, based on the entrustment of delivery of the Company's advertisements to a third party, store and refer to the Company's cookies via the third party.
4.Management of personal information
  • (1)The membership database of the Company that stored personal information of customers is protected and monitored 24 hours a day through a stringent and strict security system. Also, a firewall system is in place in order to prevent any attempted unauthorized access to the network.
  • (2)The membership database is password protected and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
  • (3)We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL technology) encryption software when customers process personal information.
  • (1)If you use our Website, you shall be deemed to have consented to handling of personal information. We may modify, add or delete this Privacy Policy from time to time, and if we make material changes to it, we will provide notice through the Website. If you continue to use the Website after we publish or communicate a notice about any changes to this Privacy Policy, we assume that you understand and have consented to the changes.
  • (2)If you access other websites through our Website, the operators of these websites may collect information from you which will be used by them in accordance with their own terms and conditions and privacy policies. This privacy policy applies only to our Website. The Company will not have any liability or responsibility for privacy practices within any other websites.
  • (3)Access to this site is done under the customer’s own free will; therefore, the customer assumes all responsibilities for it, unless otherwise expressly noted.

※ If you have any inquiries regarding "Handling of Personal Information," please send an email to:


Please contact us from here inquiry form.
What kind of thing also please feel free to contact us.

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