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New stories from Seven Stars Selection!! 

We will introduce the stories behind the ryokans (Japanese inn) where passengers stay while off board Seven Stars. These two ryokans are "Tenku no Mori" and "Wasurenosato Gajoen", located in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Story of “Tenku no mori” and “Wasure no Sato Gajyoen”


※Sorry, we've sold out. Limited quantity sale of “Seven Stars Herb Tea” 

Sorry, we've sold out.

Herb Tea served on Seven Stars will be sold until stocks run out (300 cans). Don’t miss out on this opportunity. This Seven Stars limited edition blend is perfect for this cold season.


New products in “Seven Stars Original Goods” 

See the new shoehorn and strap that we have made in collaboration with “Yoshida & Co., Ltd”.

[shoehorn] page is here.

[strap] page is here.


“Seven Stars Selection” brings you new stories! 

In these new stories, we introduce the “Yuki-hana” or snow petal glassware used onboard, and the maker behind the local beer “Hakata draft” served onboard at mealtimes and at bar time.

Story of Glass Workshop

Story of Hotel Okura Fukuoka


※Sorry, we've sold out.「Seven Stars Original “KURO chan” (2nd Year Anniversary Version)」New release! 

Sorry, we've sold out.

In commemoration of the 2nd year annivesary.“KURO chan”the character dog of Kyushu Railway Company,has become a stuffed animal with Seven Stars features.The stuffed animal wears an original collar with a Seven Stars metal logo plate is available only in limited numbers. ※Limited numbers available(sales will stop when sold out)

●Price:5,000JPY(Tax included)
●Material:Wool 100%
●Country of Production:China
●Appropriate Age:6 Yrs Old and above


「Seven Stars Original 2016 Calendar」New release! 

With the “Seven Stars in Kyushu”2016 calendar one can enjoy the many attractions of the Seven Stars as the months change.This calendar includes illustrations by Eiji Mitooka that are pre-viously unpublished. ※Limited numbers available(sales will stop when sold out)


※Sorry, we've sold out. 「Seven Stars 2nd Anniversary Cutlery Cocktail fork(2 forks)」New release! 

Sorry, we've sold out.

Onboard the Seven Stars cutlery from “Ymaco Cutlery”is used.This cutlery is world famous for its design and quality.This fork can be used for various uses,Such as a dessert fork. ※Limited numbers available(sales will stop when sold out)

●Price:5,200JPY(Tax included)


「2nd Anniversary Seven Stars Mug」New release! 

Used in Seven Stars guestrooms,this elegant mug is adorned with an original logo of gold arabesque design. 2nd This 2nd anniversary mug will only be producedim a limited quality. ※Limited numbers available(sales will stop when sold out)


New open ! 「Seven Stars Selection」 

Kyushu boasts a large number of exquisite and authentic traditional crafts and local specialties that are globally recognized. We convey stories of people who have been establishing the "Charms of Kyushu" and have carefully selected "Excellent Products in Kyushu" for the world.