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KOKURA Creation

〜Kokura-ori, the Lost Textile Revived for the Modern Age〜


“A fateful encounter with a single remnant of fabric.” The small piece of cotton cloth with a soft, suede-like texture that textile artist, Noriko Tsuiki, came across in an antique store was a remnant of Kokura-ori, a style of textile that flourished in the ancient province of Buzen and that was used to make hakama trousers and obi sashes for the samurai class in the Edo Period. Through Ms. Tsuiki’s innovation and inventiveness in reviving this traditional skill, which was once lost in the upheaval of the times, and adapting it to the modern age, the vertical striped patterns that are the biggest charm of Kokura-ori textiles are now soaring out into the world.

Oyama Yumekobo

〜Aged Umeshu, the Pride of Oyama, the Home of Ume〜


Ume plums picked in the morning are in the brewery’s tanks by the afternoon. Oyama Yumekobo makes “the ultimate umeshu” together with the local community of Oyama, one of Kyushu’s top ume growing regions. This story conveys the forthright intentions of the farmers, who handle each and every ume fruit with sincerity, and the brewers who, through repeated trial and error, endeavor to bring out the maximum of the inherent flavor of the ume.

Kubota Orimono

〜Famous Treasure from Amami-Oshima – Oshima Tsumugi weaving hopes for connections〜


Honba Oshima Tsumugi, the finest example of silk woven fabric created on the island of Amami-Oshima. This soul of superb excellence takes more than thirty artisans about six months to create. Pre-dyed warp and weft threads interlock with fine precision to weave beautiful patterns, conveying the sincere hearts and workmanship of the artisans.

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