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Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka is the largest city on the island of Kyushu. It plays a central role in politics, the economy and transportation. Fukuoka has flourished by trading with Asia since ancient days. Abundant nature within convenient distance from downtown area is another charm of Fukuoka. Also, here traditional craft such as Kumiko Zaiku (woodworking) and Hakata-ori textiles are carefully preserved while it has developed as a place which distributes the latest information and fashion trends. Besides, you must not forget Fukuoka cuisine: fresh sea food, ramen noodles, and Mizutaki (chicken broth), all of which are deeply rooted in the local food culture. While drinking you can enjoy communicating with local people at yatai (food stalls) and that experience will definitely touch your heart, as well as your palate.

Saga Prefecture

Saga is famous for Imari, Arita, Karatsu pottery and other porcelain products. The history of Japanese porcelain started in Arita, in Saga. Potters from China and Korea who settled in Arita found the white clay quarry from which they produced milky and transparent porcelain, which had not been previously seen. In 2016, Arita porcelain will cerebrate its 400th anniversary. Today, Arita ware has developed many different styles over its long history and Saga becoming known around the world.

Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki prefecture is surrounded by the sea except on its eastern side. Since ancient times, various goods were brought into Nagasaki through trade with people from western and eastern countries. People who have diverse backgrounds and ideas were intertwined and made its history. Visitors can feel wakaran culture, a fusion of Japanese, Chinese and Dutch cultures, everywhere in the city through its townscape and food. Here, people can spend quality time in an exotic atmosphere of history and romanticism.

Kumamoto Prefecture

In Kumamoto Prefecture, the most impressive tourist spot is Mount Aso, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Aso's large volcanic crater is surrounded by five peaks called Aso-Gogaku. The sky, which gives abundant rain, nurtures Kumamoto's fertile soil with water resources that supply Japan's most delicious drinking water. For long years, people have been living in harmony with volcanoes and magnificent nature by handing down the wisdom of ancestors who made great efforts to understand the power of nature and always appreciated nature's blessing. Kumamoto also boasts a number of historical spots including Kumamoto Castle, which is considered one of the three premier castles in Japan, as well as beautiful natural scenery such as Amakusa-Gokyo.

Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture, is known as one of the world's greatest hot spring areas. It ranks as Japan's number one in terms of the number of natural hot springs and the amount of onsen water output. The most popular spot in Oita is Yufuin. Yufu-dake, also called Bungo-Fuji (Mt.Fuji of Oita) in a rustic countryside landscape featuring morning mist over beautify Lake Kinrinko, creating picturesque scenery. Visitors feel the warm hospitality offered by gentle locals living in a peaceful natural setting. Another popular spot is Beppu, where steam from natural hot springs rises throughout the town and many public hot springs called machiyu are spotted everywhere. Visitors can enjoy the real charm of hot springs: bathing in hot water while chatting with local residents.

Miyazaki Prefecture

Miyazaki used to be a popular honeymoon spot and it is beautiful as resort spots. In legend, it is believed to be a place where the first God in Japanese mythology landed. There are countless shrines, historical sites and legends that are related to stories of gods. This magical place is even described in the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters), the oldest extant history of Japan. Blessed with warm sunshine and an endless blue ocean, people in Miyazaki always warmly welcome visitors.

Kagoshima Prefecture

Kagoshima Prefecture is the place where many Shishi (loyal supporters of the Emperor ) were born. With its wonderful view of Sakurajima, people there cultivated passion and strong personality. Located in the southern part of Kyushu, Kagoshima is blessed with abundant sunshine and good soil that helped the people develop a unique food culture. Local cuisine such as kurobuta pork, katsuo (bonito) and flying fish were also loved by great leaders. Every night, visitors to Kagoshima can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere.