Ooita Prefecture

Oyama Yumekobo


Ume plums picked in the morning are in the brewery’s tanks by the afternoon. Oyama Yumekobo makes “the ultimate umeshu” together with the local community of Oyama, one of Kyushu’s top ume growing regions. This story conveys the forthright intentions of the farmers, who handle each and every ume fruit with sincerity, and the brewers who, through repeated trial and error, endeavor to bring out the maximum of the inherent flavor of the ume.

Sansou (Villa) MURATA

山荘 無量塔

Sansou (Villa) MURATA is a tranquil Japanese-style hotel located on a mountain in a suburb of Yufuin. It still has the appearance of Satoyama (a village near the mountains). The first head, Mr. Kouji Fujibayashi, who was very charismatic, poured his heart into the name of the accommodation, and the construction of the buildings and the first shop specializing in roll cakes. The charismatic man passed away. However, the hotel leaves the guests tremendously deep sense of emotions while providing a source of great joy as well as preserving the nostalgic Japanese landscape.

Kamenoi Besso (Villa Kamenoi)


This is a villa in the vegetation located beside Lake Kinrin, where people can encounter a taste of an Ideal Daily Life. Mr. Taro Nakaya, who is the fourth head of Kamenoi Besso in its history of 100 years, seeks a beautiful and original landscape in Yufuin. This is the story of the accommodation which produces something ordinary but only exists in Yufuin. People can make warm memories there.

Yufuin Tamanoyu

由布院 玉の湯

Yufuin Tamanoyu encompasses the same concepts as those of the town, Yufuin: Tranquility・greenery・and space. They put a priority on these concepts. They produce the nostalgic and heartfelt Yufuin Time in which the time seems to pass slowly and peacefully. The third president, Ms. Izumi Kuwano explains how the accommodation, and the town are managed, in addition to discussing their future after the recent big earthquake there. She also explains their affection for the accommodation which is in harmony with the town.



Ms. Michiyo Kawano provides astonishing and amazing dishes at 'Housun’, located in Bungo Province, Oita, which is full of natural fresh food treasures. Her revolutionized cooking has become a unique and original art that no one can copy. This essay follows the story behind her special dishes and the finest selection of ingredients that are produced in her home town in Oita.