Kumamoto Prefecture

Amakusa Olive Orchard AVILO


Surrounded by the Ariake Sea, Shiranui Sea, East China Sea, and countless small islands and inlets, the Amakusa region in Kumamoto Prefecture is famed for its abundant blessings from the ocean and as a prime location for dolphin watching. Here in this special place, there are people who are working hard every day to nurture olives, which are native to Mediterranean Europe, into a new treasure of the region. Through continued trial and error, they are overcoming the challenges that such a venture brings, such as preparing the soil, dealing with Japan’s unique climate, and developing products that epitomize Amakusa. Little by little, they are making progress in their endeavor. The story encapsulated in that single green drop has only just begun.

Kumamoto Wine


Kikuka Chardonnay Barrel Ferment is served to the passengers on the Seven Stars in Kyushu. It is well received by wine connoisseurs from all over the world, due to its mild delicate taste which suits not only French, but also Japanese cuisine including sushi. The farmers in Kumamoto Prefecture carefully produce wine grapes by utilizing a special method, making the most of Kumamoto’s climate and natural features. The local winemakers repeatedly use their ingenuity to produce this wine. These people support this best wine. This world-class Kumamoto wine which has won various awards and international recognition.