Saga Prefecture

Tajima Orchard&Processing Facility

合同会社 田島柑橘園&加工所

This juice produced by a small orchard in Saga prefecture was selected as the best in Japan. A love for family members and citrus fruit makes the juice very delicious. The following essay talks about ‘Tajima Orchard’. This is where an orange farmer learned the know-how of Citrus fruit cultivation in Spain - the birthplace of oranges. ‘Tajima Orchard’ continues to grow and evolve.

Taroemon Nakazato Ceramic Studio


Taroemon Nakazato Ceramics Studio, which used to offer gifts to the Tokugawa Shogunate family and other noble families as a purveyor to the Karatsu Domain during the Edo Period, has continued to preserve its kiln and traditional methods for over 400 years until now. What is an ideal succession of the tradition for the 14th Taroemon Nakazato? This heartfelt essay explains the history and the future of Karatsu ware.

Kourai hermitage, Seiroku kiln

高麗庵 清六窯

The late Seiroku Nakamura was called the “God of the Potter’s Wheel”. Two of his descendants continue his style of pottery and work hard as porecelain artists. As a master, father, and grandfather, what may Mr. Seiroku have wanted to pass on through his ‘pottery wheels’?
The heart-warming story of three generations of the Seiroku Kiln focuses on the tradition which still continues today by remaining as faithful as possible to its master’s words.

Kakiemon Kiln


‘Kakiemon kiln’ became a synonym for Arita Porcelain which has preserved its traditions for 370 years. In an interview, Mr.Sakaida Kakiemon XV, who assumed the title in 2015, talked about the history of the kiln and his future designs for Kakiemon style. While remaining as faithful as possible to the traditional process, he endeavors to create porcelain in his own style, in harmony with the present day.