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Seven Stars × Yoshida & Co.  Seven Stars Strap

  • Seven Stars × Yoshida & Co.  Seven Stars Strap


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    This mobile phone strap has been made in collaboration with Seven Stars, and the long-established Japanese bag maker “Yoshida & Co.”. The leather strap is made of steer hide, and is in a deep wine red like the color of Seven Stars carriages. On the strap, the words “Seven Stars” and “PORTER” are stamped in gold. On the plating is the logo mark of Seven Stars, embossed using a rare process called combination plating to give it a three-dimensional effect. This product is made in Japan, and an artisan crafts each piece carefully by hand.

    Design:Eiji Mitooka + Don Design Associates
    *This comes in a specially made box.

    ●Size: (strap) Length Approx: 16cm (6 3/10”) / Box size:Length 3.5cm (1 2/5”) × Width 13.5cm (5 3/10”) × Height 2.0cm (4/5”)
    ●Produced by: Yoshida & Co., Ltd.